Chadar Trek – A Frozen River Trail

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Ladakh has been on the bucket list of everyone all around. Each summer people make plans with their loved ones to fulfil this dream of theirs. Why shouldn’t they though? Ladakh is the place to be ….surrounded by giant mountains, clear blue sky, fresh flowing water and friendly people (unless provoked otherwise haha). Tourist visit here, with the hope and excitement in their heart, and of course they are never let down by the beautiful valleys, majestic monasteries, mouth watering food. 

Nevertheless , has anyone truly lived an adventure? Done something extraordinary? Something one will talk about for their days to come?

Has anyone ever done that ?

Chadar trek- seldom talked about and moreover experienced . There’s a high chance that people even heard of something like that other than locals here. 

This is something to be remembered for the rest of someone’s life. 

To give you little facts on it (rest you can google of course)

It is a trek over Zanskar river on ice.

Distance will be around 100 kms to be covered.

Best time will be in Jan- Feb.

Although it sounds exciting , it is not for the faint heart. Temperature drop to -30 degree celsius. It gets freezing.

With right guidance , good gear and a little help, an adventurer can actually have the experience of his/her/their lives. 

Any company could offer help, but if you get a chance to interact with a locally based company- now wouldn’t that be a treat?! Here at GOLDEN EAGLE EXPEDITION , we offer the help and guidance – equipped with experienced and local staffs, one wouldn’t be disappointed . 

As H.H Dalai Lama has said  “once a place go somewhere you’ve never been before” . 

Anyone can come to ladakh, take a few pics on certain famous sites, create few reels with #wanderlust. To experience the real adventure, be a true traveller, one must experience CHADAR TREK. Let your soul actually ignite and adrenaline rush through your body. 


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